Welcoming a volunteer

Are you responsible for a development project in a country in the South ? Do you need skills that you can’t find locally? Do you wish to open your project to the intercultural encounter ? The Catholic Delegation for Cooperation allows you to welcome a volunteer, whatever your field of action.

The DCC sends two types of volunteers :
1. International Solidarity Volunteers for missions lasting 12 to 24 months.
2. Volunteers on Solidarity Missions for 3 to 6 months.

It takes about 7 months between your send off a request asking for a volunteer and the volunteer’s arrival in the field. This is the time needed to validate his mission, recruit him and train him.

Download the “Partnership and Solidarity – long missions” document (PDF)
Download the “Partnership and Solidarity – short missions” document (PDF)


Implementing the partnership

The partnership is set up in several stages : 1 – You define the objectives of the position and the profile of the expected volunteer. 2 – The DCC representative of your country makes an appointment with you on site, in your structure, in order to validate the mission. 3 – The DCC proposes the candidate whose profile best meets the needs of your project. 4 – A tripartite contract is signed between the DCC, the volunteer and you.

Please note that the he DCC reserves the right not to satisfy your demand if the evaluation conducted by the DCC representative on site does not meet the required criteria.

Your commitments as a partner

For the volunteer, voluntary departure is an important life choice.

Your commitments to ensure that his/her mission goes as smoothly as possible : – You welcome the volunteer and help him/her to integrate locally – You plan a regular evaluation method from the beginning of his/her assignment – You make yourself available during the annual visit of the DCC representative – You complete and return the requested activity reports.

Financially, you must support the volunteer forb : – His monthly subsistence allowance adapted to the country’s standard of living (minimum 100 €) ; –  His round-trip air ticket ; – Accommodation and food ; – His residence permit/ work permit or/and long-term visa (if necessary) ; – Holidays: 24 working days a year.

The DCC's commitments

The DCC selects, trains and personally accompanies each volunteer and each project. The DCC remains in contact with the volunteer throughout his mission. Each year, the DCC representative of the mission country visits all volunteers and partners.

The volunteer sent by the DCC is entitled to benefit from a complete social protection which includes : – Social Security : affiliation with the « Caisse des Français de l’étranger – CFE – », – Mutual health insurance, – Repatriation insurance –  Civil liability insurance – Pension contribution to the « Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse » in France.

A variety of partners

The DCC has more than 300 partners worldwide. Currently, they are dioceses, religious congregations, associations, schools, NGOs, local communities… For example : the diocese of Algiers in Algeria, the diocese of Pala in Chad, Caritas Morocco, the Network “Eau de Coco” in Madagascar, the NGO “Life Project For Youth” in Southeast Asia and India, the NGO “Gawad Kalinga” in the Philippines, Terre Sainte Magazine in Israel-Palestine, “Le Relais Madagascar” and many others…