Volunteering for the DCC project

Nearly 200 volunteers are involved in the DCC project. Each volunteer is supervised by a team leader. He receives a mission letter and some tools to carry it out.

Diocesan Delegate

He embodies the DCC locally, everywhere in France. Former volunteer, he represents the association to the diocese, animates the alumni community, advises future volunteers, welcomes those returning and implements actions to promote volunteerism.
Contact : isabelle.cauchois@ladcc.org

Intercultural session trainer

To accompany the volunteer in his preparation for departure, the role of the trainer is essential. This volunteer activity is intended for former volunteers who have returned at least one year ago and who wish to put their skills in animation, training and accompanying the future volunteers.
Contact : xavier.sarrat@ladcc.org

Guidance Counselor

The guidance counselor intervenes during the candidate’s second weekend of training to help him build up his project. During an interview, it is his decision to discern whether the candidate is fit to leave.
Contact : benedicte.detruchis@ladcc.org

Chargé de mission (DCC representative)

The DCC representative is there to support and follow the volunteer and establish the connection with the partner. In order to meet the requirements for this position, it is imperative to have an excellent knowledge of the country as well as its ecclesial and associational network.
Contact : virginie.amieux@ladcc.org

Volunteer at headquarters

To help the paid-employment team in its mission, the head office is looking for volunteers who can give 1, 2 or several days a week. Writing, communication, organizing events, administrative paper-work, candidate follow-up… All skills are welcome !
Contact : nathalie.frezard@ladcc.org