The team

At the DCC headquarters in Paris, 17 employees implement the guidelines approved by the association’s Board of Directors. Depending on the purpose of your request, do not hesitate to contact them.


Arnoult Boissau


Mgr Francis Bestion



Guillaume Nicolas

General Delegate

Nathalie Frézard

Management Assistant

01 45 65 98 95

Administration and finances

Gaëlle Masse

Service manager

Mariama Soilihi


Constance Wicquart

Staff management assistant

01 45 65 50 78

Partners and volunteers relations

Laure Métro-Savelli

Service manager

Jennifer Duarte

Latin America, Middle East and Asia countries coordination

Vivian Portier

Sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar and Haiti countries coordination

Stéphanie Feugère

Coordination of Reciprocity Volunteerism

Christine Buffe

Administrative and social welfare monitoring officer

Marie Droulers

Administrative Assistant

01 45 65 50 77

Recruitment and training

Rémi Grégoire

Service manager

Martine Polonovski

Recruitment and training officer

Catherine de Nuchèze

Training officer

Hélène Besnier

Recruitment and training assistant

01 45 65 50 87

Communication and resource delopment

Patrick Magnan

Service manager

Manon Monsarrat

Direct marketing officer

Yann Guyomarch

Co-financing and partnership officer

Alfred Rabany

General and editorial communication officer

Now recruiting

Networking communication officer

01 45 65 50 79