Otherwise support

You wish to support the work of the DCC in other ways ! Find out many ways to do it. You have an idea that doesn’t appear on this page ? Contact us !

Promoting DCC around me

You wish to promote around you international volunteering with the DCC but you don’t have enough time to become a full-fledged volunteer. You can help the DCC by handing out brochures, posters in your parish, school or association.
I’m becoming an ambassador !

Running in blue for the DCC

You like running? You plan to participate in a race, a marathon, a trail? Give meaning to your running effort for the DCC! We can implement an online fundraising page to ask your network to make donations in order to support your race and a DCC project.

Organizing a fundraising

You are organizing a play, a concert and you want to donate the profits ?
For more information, contact Leo !