Sending a volunteer

The DCC has acquired a unique experience in the field of international solidarity and it is accredited by the French government. As an association, you can benefit from this valuable experience to send volunteers. Indeed, as an approved platform for sending volunteers of international solidarity, the DCC accompanies and sends volunteers on behalf of many organizations.

The DCC can support your volunteers for the time of their mission. Two statuses are possible : – Volunteers of International Solidarity for missions lasting 12 to 24 months – Volunteers on solidarity missions for 3 to 6 months.

Download the volunteer application

Setting up the sending of your volunteers

The partnership is set up in several stages : 1 – You determine the objectives of the mission and complete the volunteer application. 2 – You meet the head of the Volunteers & Partners Relations Department of the DCC. 3 – The sending of your volunteers is established.

Your commitments as an NGO partner

Financially, you must support the volunteer for : – His monthly subsistence allowance adapted to the country’s standard of living (minimum 100 €) – His round-trip air ticket – Accommodation and food – His residence permit/ work permit or/and long-term visa (if necessary) ; – Holidays : 24 working days a year.

You are also responsible of the DCC’s expenses which are not covered by public subsidies.

The DCC's commitments

There is no difference of treatment between the volunteers of the NGOs supported by the DCC and its own volunteers. The commitment is the same for all. The DCC personally selects, trains and accompanies each volunteer and each project. The DCC remains in contact with the volunteer throughout his mission. Each year, the DCC representative of the mission country visits all volunteers and partners.

For us, training is a sine qua non condition to acquire the volunteer status and it is therefore a requirement if you want us to accompany your volunteers. This training has a cost equivalent of the expenses incurred to 16 cumulative days of training. If you wish, you can add more sessions to this training.

The volunteer sent by the DCC is entitled to benefit from a complete social protection which includes : – Social Security : affiliation with the « Caisse des Français de l’étranger – CFE – », – Mutual health insurance with “Entraide Missionnaire Internationale” – Repatriation insurance with “Inter Mutuelles Assistance” – Civil liability insurance – Pension contribution to the « Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse » in France.

Variety of supported NGOs

The DCC accompanies and sends volunteers on behalf of a large number of organizations.

For example, the volunteers of Inigo, the voluntary service of the Society of Jesus, Dom&Go, the voluntary service of the Dominicans, the CCFD-Terre Solidaire, JET, the voluntary service of the Chemin Neuf community, Fondacio, Misericordia

Les volontaires vous racontent leur expérience

Transformer l’expérience en savoir, c’est toute la force de l’éducation

Myriam, éducatrice au Paraguay

Sans vouloir changer le monde, ni implanter une culture ou une façon de soigner

Claire, infirmière puéricultrice au Cameroun

La DCC nous donne d’excellents supports de formation

Pascale, formatrice DCC