A volunteer organization

The “Délégation Catholique pour la Cooperation” (DCC) is the official international voluntary service of the Catholic Church in France. The association sends volunteers on missions from 3 months to 2 years.

It offers two types of missions :
– Volunteer of International Solidarity (VSI) from 1 to 2 years, under a government contract.
– Volunteer of Solidarity Mission (3 to 6 months).
Volunteers work in all areas of development and in all types of professions.

The DCC does not carry out projects itself : it responds to the various requests of its partners who set up development projects in the southern countries.

For each validated project, the DCC organizes recruitment, training, and preparation for sending volunteers. It ensures their follow-up during their mission as well as the administrative and social management over their volunteering. When they return, the DCC accompanies them in valuing their experience. It helps them succeed in their personal and professional reintegration in France.

Church Service for all

Founded in 1967, the DCC is the sending volunteer agency of the Conference of the Bishops of France (CEF). In consultation with the Conference, it coordinates the dialogue with government services for sending volunteers on mission.
The DCC serves all the dioceses, congregations, movements and services of the Church. Our expertise advises and accompanies them while
sending their volunteers on mission.

An approved development NGO

The DCC is a non-profit organization acknowledged by the French association law of 1901 and approved by French government for sending volunteers of international solidarity as well as for the reception of volunteers in civic service. It collaborates with the Ministry in charge of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of National Education and Higher Education.

It is an association recognized to be of public utility and acknowledged as an organization of popular education.

DCC collaborates permanently with a large network of several NGOs. DCC is a founding member of the France Volontaires platform co-managed by the public authorities. DCC is a member of the NGO Volunteer Liaison Committee (CLONG-Volunteer) and Coordination SUD.

DCC is acknowledged by the “Don en confiance”. As such, DCC accounts, management and ethics are regularly monitored and evaluated.

Present in 50 countries, the DCC supports nearly 500 volunteers every year.