Conducting training

You are a group who leads projects abroad, an organization or a company that wishes to train its team to intercultural issues ? The DCC offers paid training courses adapted to your problems and your audience.

Our areas of expertise

The DCC can offer you some training sessions in the following topics :
– Preparation for departure, individual or collective : motivations, expectations and fears, development and international solidarity, local integration and intercultural encounter
– Intercultural in France and in the southern countries : complexity of intercultural encounter, working relations in an intercultural environment, interculturality and health
– Religious questions : faith and interculturality, insertion in the local Church
– Proof-reading of your experience abroad: youth workcamp, university gap year, internship in a company, volunteering experiences, expatriation…
– Training of trainers

Download our external training catalogue (PDF)

Our methodology

Each training session is tailor-made : the DCC adapts its intervention to your expectations, your needs and your audience. We take the time to meet you upstream to define with you the methods and content best suited to your project.

Our regularly updated training courses are concrete, dynamic and interactive. They are articulated around teaching methods calling upon an active participation which makes it possible to experiment complex situations. The participants engage in a real reflection on their expertise and life skills so that they are able to acquire the knowledge expected.

Our Instructors

The training is addressed by our network of instructors. They are former DCC volunteers who master the fields of international solidarity and intercultural encounter. This is due to their very good local knowledge based on a long experience of life abroad.
The DCC instructors also benefit from ongoing training in these various fields.

They trust us

The DCC carries out training sessions for a wide variety of organisations : national NGOs, religious congregations, prestigious higher education institutes, dioceses…
Among them, the CCFD-Terre Solidaire, Secours Catholique, CORREF, the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, ISFEC, Sciences Po, ESSEC, those responsible for catechesis in the Diocese of Créteil, prison chaplains…

Our catalogue of external trainings


This trainings have to pay : at the end of our first meeting, we offer a quote for all the training.