Commitments and values

The DCC’s commitment lies in the development of every man and woman at the heart of each of its projects. Commitment to solidarity with the poorest, respect for local dynamics, openness to all and sharing in intercultural encounters… these are the values that CCD stands for.

Development at the service of Mankind

The conception of development promoted by the CCD is faithful to the Gospel and the social doctrine of the Church. Its projects, orientations and actions are a direct extension of this.
For the Church, development is not just economic growth. To be authentic, it must be integral, that is to say, it must promote all men and all human beings. No one should be excluded from development and its benefits, and the poorest should receive preferential attention.

Development is not seen as the accumulation of goods but as the fulfillment of all the capacities of the human person in all its dimensions : physical, intellectual, moral, social and spiritual.
In 2015, Pope Francis’ addressed a new appeal in his encyclical letter Laudato Si’, “On care for our Common House”. It calls for an “ecological” revolution in the full sense; a new way of thinking about progress. Concern for the poorest extends to solidarity with future generations.

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A commitment to the South and the North

In the south, the DCC supports local actors in their development projects by setting up volunteer missions. It accompanies the volunteer’s approach by creating the conditions for solidarity and fraternal sharing.
In the north, it supports the efforts of related solidarity organizations, through the contribution of its expertise in intercultural encounters and support for international projects, and through the dynamic of its network.

DCC Values

Solidarity commitment

DCC participates in projects for the development of all human beings and all men.

Respect for local dynamics

DCC supports development projects with the objective to serve the dynamics initiated by its partners.

Open to all

At the DCC, there is a place for everyone, regardless of age, education, background and connection to the Church. Catholic, the DCC is open to those who wish to contribute to development through volunteerism.

Priority for the poorest

The choice of the preferential option for the poor reflects the desire to give our poorest partners the human and financial means to remain actors in their own development.

Sharing in intercultural encounters

Intercultural encounters form the basis of the DCC experience. As a bridge between people, the DCC allows partners and volunteers to share each other’s world and make them meet.