Bequests, donations & life insurance

When you bequeath to the DCC, you do choose to act sustainably for a more equitable and fraternal world. Concretely, it means that you support “integral” development actions aimed to the benefit of the world’s poorest populations. “Integral” because development concerns all the dimensions of human life that make up its dignity: material but also intellectual, moral and spiritual conditions.

By its nature and the personal approach it implies, the inheritance transmission is a decisive gesture of solidarity that is often part of a life’s journey. Clearly stating one’s intention takes time and thought. We can help you in this discernment.
Recognized to be an association as a public utility, the DCC is entitled to receive your legacies and donations without any tax deduction.

Supporting us through bequest : make the DCC your heir

When you bequeath to the DCC, you ensure that after your death, your assets will serve our actions. This decision is reflected in the drafting of your will, which can be modified or cancelled at any time by you. We can assist you in that matter or you can contact your notary.
In Civil French Law, your children are protected and they remain heirs by right to a portion of your assets called the “reserve”. The other part is the “quotité disponible”, and you are free to dispose of it according to your wishes.
The drafting of your will is an essential act: it ensures the transmission of your assets, but above all the durability of your commitment.
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Supporting us with life insurance : a simple gesture

Life insurance is a simple way to transfer part of your assets to the DCC with no regards to the inheritance proceeding. It is a savings contract which, once it expires, or in the event of death, pays a capital sum to the designated beneficiary.
– If you already have life insurance contract, you can simply contact your insurer or banker to inform them of your wish to designate the DCC as one of the beneficiaries of your contract.
– If you wish to subscribe life insurance contract, you can designate DCC as the beneficiary of all or part of the capital when taking out.
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Making a donation : to act immediately and substantially

A donation allows you to transfer ownership of property during your lifetime. You can now have a direct impact on actions that are close to your heart. With the DCC you can therefore implement concrete development actions all over the world.
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Supporting missions

Whatever the amount, your bequeath or donation is crucial to meet the development needs of partners from southern countries.

6 000 € – you support 1 mission during one year
30 000 € – you support 5 missions for one year or 3 missions for 2 years
50 000 € – you support 8 missions for one year or 5 missions for 2 years

The activity of the DCC is monitored by a certified auditor from “Don en Confiance”. It verifies the veracity of the information communicated and the compliance of the management according to the criteria of the Charter Committee.

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