Volunteer training

Recognized for its expertise in training, the DCC allows each candidate to specify his volunteer project. Throughout the stages of the recruitment and training process, the DCC invites the future volunteer to fully prepare himself/herself and to reinforce his/her intention to leave with the association.

The training path

The training of the DCC takes place in 3 phases to allow each candidate to mature his project :
– An intercultural session (weekend from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon). The objective is to understand intercultural logics by reflecting on North-South relations, the meaning of development and the complexity of the intercultural encounter.
– An orientation session (weekend from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon). The objective is to build the volunteering project by discovering the volunteering proposal, the contexts and the types of missions proposed by the DCC.
– A preparation course for departure (10 days in January or July). The objective is to facilitate the personal, psychological, emotional, cultural, ecclesial and professional integration of volunteers. This course is only intended to the volunteers who have been assigned to a mission and are about to leave.

Be aware that the volunteers who wish to leave on a mission of solidarity follow only a 4 days preparation course for departure.

Consult the dates and locations of the 2017-2018 weekends and training courses (PDF).

Extensive and personalized training

At each stage of the training, each candidate is invited to think personally on his/her volunteer project and to define his/her expectations and motivations, both personal and professional or spiritual.

Workshops allow you to understand and discover :
– The complexity of the intercultural encounter in everyday life, at the work place and the need to adapt to a new environment.
– The role of the volunteer as a development actor in the 21st century by understanding and anticipating a different reality at all levels.
– The different aspects of the mission country (geopolitical, religious, cultural, social context…).
– Health and safety issues.

The entire training programme invites candidates to meet former volunteers and other candidates on departure. The aim is to compare and share with others the different experiences and questions that may emerge during the various sessions.

And back to France ?

The DCC accompaniment continues once the mission is over :
– With the return session (weekend from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon), each volunteer is invited to put words on his experience, to determine the outcome of the mission on a personal, professional and spiritual matter.
– Led by recruitment professionals, a whole workshop day is offered in order to facilitate the return to employment (on a Monday). It helps to enhance the value of volunteering experience in the context of job seeking in France or abroad.

Back in their home region or in a new region, volunteers can then join the DCC network. Nearly 60 delegates in France are there to welcome the volunteers: they organize some meetings to help them develop their network, share about their experience and promote DCC volunteering.

Experienced trainers

All DCC trainings are provided by unpaid trainers who were former volunteers, by DCC employees and by specialized guest speakers (academics, professionals, members of NGO, partners, etc.).

Les volontaires vous racontent leur expérience

L'échange est vraiment au coeur de la formation DCC

Morgane, formatrice DCC

La DCC nous donne d’excellents supports de formation

Pascale, formatrice DCC

La démarche de volontariat ouvre plus grand le regard

Rodolphe, gestionnaire administratif et financier au Sénégal